Ostrava Referee Seminar 2017

The Referee seminar in Ostrava resulted in 5 new certified EMA (European Mahjong Association): Grzybowski Łukasz, Jakub B., Marta B., Miłosz M. and Paweł P..

The event would not happen without the teachers: Piotr P. and Daniel S. as well as the one who prepared the materials Henrik L..


Students and teachers during the break


The Champion of Upper Silesia again victorious in Ostrava Riichi Open 2017

Juraj Móza; from Bratislava, Slovakia; the winner of Upper Silesian Riichi Mahjong Championships 2017 in Katowice yet again have snatched the 1st place prize in Ostrava Riichi Open 2017 in AD Landek, Ostrava Petřkovice. The second place was secured by our club member from Gliwice Baranowski Rafał and finally third place representing Poznań, Greater Poland Binkowska Marta.

Juraj also received reward for best hanchan played while getting 48 000 points after UMA.


Upper Silesian Mahjong Association players in Ostrava

One of the interesting game was on last hanchan table 5, Igarashi Tatsuya had hit Rafał with Riichi, Chiitoitsu, Honrouto 4 Doras resulting in Baiman but the player from Gliwice could not remain last till finish making Shousuushi Rinshan Kaihou on second last round, getting the very first yakuman on any ranked games played in USMA.


Baranowski Rafał scoring Shousuushi Rinshan Kaihou